Discrete Mathematics
Hans Georg Schaathun

12th November 2015

Discrete Mathematics

First Session — Tuesday 18 August 2015

The first session is used for two activities. Firstly, a presentation of the module and its requirements (see slides), and secondly a set of repetition exercise (see below). After the first session, it is important that you prepare for the first session of Week 1, i.e. that you watch the assigned videos.

All material for this module is available on the web. Some material is password protected. Username and password is published in Fronter.

Course web page
http://kerckhoffs.schaathun.net/DisMath/; please use this in the event of technical problems with the main server.

This document is available in a web version and a PDF version.

1 Repetition Exercises

Hans Georg Schaathun / hasc@hials.no