MSc Project: Visualisation Client for Rapid Prototyping


The vizualisation client is intended as part of an infrastructure for research and development. The goal is to make a simple API to visualise soft tissue deformation and tear. This is important to facilitate development and testing of mathematical models and simulator components. For the sake of platform independence, it is expected that the client should run in a web browser.


This project forms part of a larger vision of a Computer Haptic Assisted Orthopedic Surgery (CHAOS) simulator, i.e. a simulator where surgeons can train and test surgical procedures on a digital twin of the patient.

Other researchers and developers are working on the mathematical modelling of soft tissue deformation and cutting, but the lack of modular tools slows down testing. A robust, stand-alone visualisation client will facilitate this work.

Simulator prototypes with which the client can interface will be provided.

Research method

It is recommended to take a design approach employing rapid prototyping. The methodologies of Herbert Simon (1996) and Schön (1983) may be useful.

Evaluation has to consider both real time performance and user experience. Real time performance may apply quantitative analysis of response time and computational load. User experience should probably be qualitative at this stage.

The student should make their own informed choice of methodologies.



The research is supervised by professor Hans Georg Schaathun from NTNU. He is co-ordinating the research activities in medical applications (biomechatronics) in IIR. He will be the main supervisor.

Dr. Lars Ivar Hatledal from NTNU has his PhD in co-simulation, and has long experience with similar work, but mainly for rigid-body simulations.

Ms. Bismi Rasheed is a PhD student ate NTNU, working on the biomechanical modelling of large joints, including soft tissue deformation. Interfacing with her models will be a major milestone.

Supportive contacts

Mr. Tor Ola Ousdal Solheim is an MSc student who has developed a number of simulator prototypes with which we want to interface the visualisation client.

Dr.\ Kjell-Inge Gjesdal from MR-Klinikken is medical physicist and has done a lot of work on 3D-modelling of human joints based on MR imaging. These models are static, but may be interesting to visualise in the same tool.

Final deliverables and dissemination


Hans Georg Schaathun /