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+ Jupyter Notebooks
    + [Change of Basis](change-of-basis.ipynb)
    + [Eight Point Algorithm](eightpoint.ipynb)
    + [ANN Tutorial 1](ann-tutorial.ipynb)
    + [Triangulation](Triangulation.ipynb)
        + This depends on two image files:
          [frame1glasses1.png]() and
+ [Blurring]() directory with muliple files
+ [Corner]() directory with muliple files
+ [Homogeneous Co-ordinates]( python script
+ [CNN]( python module with script part
    + This is developed using a 
      [dataset from kaggle](
    + Unfortunately you need a Google or Kaggle account to download the data
    + Note that the test data from Kaggle are unlabelled, and thus only
      useful for training and validation if you  manually label them
    + You can of course make your own data ...