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title: Evaluation 28 August 2023 
categories: evaluation

# Raw input

## Alter

+ Full code on wiki (copying line by line is tedious)
+ Clearer goals for theory
    + telling the goal on what we're trying to accomplish with the math
+ Brief on Python
+ Incorporate wiki in brief
+ wiki sessions not based on code from previous sessions
+ lower level of detail
+ try explaining more concise and simpler
+ fix mistakes and incompletenes in wiki

## Begin

+ refresh matrices more at the start
+ live python example
+ explain what and who we learn something
+ provide working code examples for review
+ more present during exercises

## Continue

+ Theory-exercise-recap x3
    + format of lectures is really good
+ wiki
+ easy to talk to, east to understand when explaining
+ time for exercise
+ linking python to the math; get visuals of what we're calculating

# Evaluation

## Actions

1. More concise briefing with clear goal statement.  It should be cut to 1h in most cases. 
    + level of detail to be conisdered
2. New/revised material.  There is a lot that could be done here, and I can only manage 
   some of it.  Most important.
    + video demoes of Python - there will rarely be enough time to do this in the brief
      without sacrificing conceptual theory
    + mistakes and incompleteness - many tutorials should probably be tested and revised 
      more thoroughly
    + provide working code examples for review - is this solutions after the exercises or
      demoes for the brief?

## Discussion

+ Full code on wiki (copying line by line is tedious)
    + not sure what to make of this ... the tutorials are not designed as programs to
      run, but a sequence of commands and techniques to be tested and understood