OpenAI Services

Two interfaces:

  • OpenAI ChatGPT
    • Depends on a plugin in your AI.
    • Helps you complete code.
    • Not perfect - you still need to verify and test the code.
  • github copilot
    • Chat interface.
    • Stateful - responses are based on the entire conversation and not just the last question.
    • Currently causing concern for school teachers:

Main Task

  • At the end of the session, you should have answered the following:
    • Some examples of usage where OpenAI really impresses you.
    • Some examples of usage where OpenAI utterly fails.
    • How will operational systems like OpenAI impact on your life as a computer professional?


  • Initial review:
    • What can OpenAI do?
    • What remains beyond its capabilities?
  • What does the future bring?
    • Can OpenAI replace you as a programmer?
    • What roles can OpenAI replace?
    • Given that OpenAI exists, what do we still have to do as human professionals?
  • What does this mean for education?
    • What should the exam be like when OpenAI is available?
    • What skills should the students be examined in?
    • Which skills are redundant because