Grading Guidelines

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This is a short summary of how the grading scheme is interpreted for the purpose of this module.

The student has a good overview of the covered material, and shows great independence and creativity in applying it in new and relevant contexts, and relates it to personal experience.
The student has descriptive understanding of almost all of the syllabus and applies it competently to routine problems. Some creativity and independence is demonstrated applying the knowledge in new contexts, but this ability is not as consistently evident as is expected from an A student.
The student has knowledge (descriptive understanding) of most of the syllabus, and is (mostly) able to apply it competently to routine problems.
The student either (1) has demonstrated descriptive understanding covering most of the syllabus, but shows very limited ability to apply the knowledge, even to routine problems; or (2) is ignorant of a significant part of the syllabus, but can soundly apply the knowledge he does have on some routine problems.
The student has descriptive knowledge of some part of the syllabus, but shows little ability in applying the knowledge to real problems.

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