AIS2204 Maskinsyn

Practical Information

  1. There are no compulsory exercises. It is your responsibility to do the exercises you need to do to understand the subject and gain experience.
  2. Feedback is provided in class upon demonstration of own work and solutions.
  3. The module emphasises the relation between theoretical and practical understanding.
  4. I try to give you freedom to learn. Please use that freedom to learn what you need to know.

How to work with the module

  1. Read the theory.
  2. Do practical exercises to test your theoretical understanding.
    • Do the exercises that you need to do to make sense of the theory.
  3. Evaluate your own solutions and reflect upon
    • what works and what doesn’t?
    • what have you learnt from the exercise?
    • what do you yet not know?
  4. Don’t do a lot of exercises quickly. It is better to reflect on a few exercises fully done, than to do a lot without thinking.
  5. Ask Questions.
    I will generally not repeat material unsolicited, but I am very happy to discuss any question you may have.
  6. Keep a diary. Make sure you can refer back to previous ideas and reuse previous solutions.

The practical exercises

Both practical and theoretical exercises are given. Most of the exercises are designed in the hope that you can complete them in a session or two, but also move on even if you do not complete them.

Observe that the exam gives you a lot of freedom to emphasise what you find interesting and useful. Thus you will be rewarded for solving related variants and for tying different exercises together in more complete systems.

How does the exam work

  1. Oral Exam.
  2. You get seven minutes to demonstrate the highlights of your understanding of the subject. Make a case for the grade you think you deserve.
  3. The examiner will use the rest of the time for questions to clarify and to demonstrate expected breadth and depth.
  4. Note that there are both theoretical and practical learning outcomes, and the module emphasises the relation between these two.
  • Capacity: 30 candidates
  • Assessment Guide. This will be reviewed in the reference group and only made final at the end of the teaching term.