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title: Edges
title: Edge Detection
categories: session

# Briefing

# Exercise

Continue the prototyping project from [last week](SIFT).
Implement a prototype able to track a simple object in a video scene.
You have full freedom to do this as you please, but bear in mind
that we only ask for a *prototype*.  The goal is to learn constituent
techniques, not to make a full solution for production.

1.  You can set up your own scene, recording your own video, with a
    characteristic, brightly coloured object moving through the scene.
    E.g. a bright, red ball rolling on the floor.
2.  Start with the feature detector.  Make sure that it works.
3.  Can you use the feature detector to detect your particular object in
    a still image?
4.  Visualise the detected object, by drawing a frame around it in the image.
5.  Introduce tracking only when you have a working prototype for still

# Debrief